Jacana Lodges

At Jacana Lodges Ltd, our passion is to connect our customers to the very best of our destinations. Our Lodges offer customers extraordinary places, created by combining unique architecture and structure with the surrounding environment. Add great service, and the result is an unforgettable customer experience. The abundance of plants, birds and wildlife offer the opportunity to experience nature first-hand, from the privacy of your room or while on a nature hike or safari. Our Lodges welcome you to some of the most breathtaking and pristine areas in Uganda. While we aim to give you a unique and authentic experience of the locale whenever you stay with us, we also guarantee consistent high standards throughout our collection of Safari Lodges. Contemporary amenities and timeless elegance—inspired by our unique destinations—are reflected throughout every Jacana Lodge room. Make Jacana Lodges Ltd your personal gateway to exploring the Uganda’s most extraordinary places—and to having your most memorable authentic experiences.

Our mission

To offer customers a unique and authentic memorable experience by exceeding their expectations as we respect, protect the environment and benefit the communities.


To continue serving our guests with the highest standards of service quality and encourage them to responsibly interact with nature in order to protect and sustain it for the future. In the future we want to embrace the changes that modern time brings and become more attractive and more interesting to our guests and partners.

Certificate of Excellence for the year of 2012 (Trip Advisor)